Where in the World are you?

The Beginning

Bounce was launched in 2004 by Paula & Andy Hannagan, a husband & wife team, who had a passion for helping others to be the best they can be.

How we used to look

The Idea

In their previous lives, they used to be a personal trainer and a life coach until they had the idea to develop healthy, tasty & nutritious snacks instead.

The Unknown

Taking a leap into the unknown, they converted their garage into a makeshift warehouse and started creating products that they were proud of, provided a source of good energy and were great for on-the-go.

What they lacked in experience, they made up for with enthusiasm, a hunger to learn and the willingness to have a go, an approach which inspired our brand ethos

The Mission

Paula & Andy continue to be involved in the business, helping us to achieve our mission: to inspire positive change in the way people eat, think and live.